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Some of you know I’m in my seventies and only within the last few years became a published author. As a child, I rhymed “Mars” with “stars” and created a small poem to amaze and delight my older cousins! In the 1950s I joined a writing club for rural children called The Young Cooperators. Every Wednesday when the Western Producer newspaper arrived, I would grab the middle section and eagerly look for any evidence that one of my own creations had been printed.

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In a later blog I’ll tell you all about Sister Ann and Bluebird, our erstwhile leaders at the Western Producer pages, and how Sister Ann visited me in the Peace River country one summer to offer me a job! I declined, citing romantic reasons that kept me in Grande Prairie. My life would have taken a different turn had I accepted her friendship and the mentorship of that newspaper.

Fast forward to 2019 and my lifelong ambition has been sated, after two marriages, three children, three grandsons, and a myriad of experiences.

There have been 11 published books since my debut novel, SpaceHive, was accepted by Imajin Books in 2012.

Ascending is my latest novella, which is on pre-sale on Amazon worldwide, released by my present publisher, Creativia / Next Chapter .

My mother died in 2004 at the age of 91. She, too, was a writer and often got published in journals and newspapers such as the Western Producer. She would have been so proud of me! My father, too, passed away from cancer in 1989 and would have bust his buttons.

As do so many mothers, wives, and entrepreneurs, I wear and have worn many hats. But inside this 74-year-old body is an excited little girl who never gave up her dreams of being a published author.