Princess Almere felt the dragon’s hard and smooth bulk sizzle between her thighs. Oh, how she missed her husband Stannock, who was fighting a war far in the northwest.

With the princess’s husband away, her affections are challenged by Tevron, her husband’s half-brother. The reigning king is old and unpredictable, and as the power struggle in the palace intensifies, an heiress is needed to bring peace to the realm.

An old prophecy tells of Dracaena – half dragon, half human – who will rise to power and unite the realm in the Great Hall of the Four Races. As sinister plots unfold and the balance of power shifts, Almere and her companions must place their trust and friendship wisely – or perish.






“If you enjoy romance, magic, dragons and fantasy stories, this book is for you.” – Laurence St. John, author


“A pleasant, playful, poetic foray into fantasy, McKinnon’s novel feels like a faraway place in which to cozily escape.” – Jesse Giles Christiansen, Amazon review


“A lovely, sensuous, and tactile fantasy novel with rich characters and a bit of intrigue.” – Matthew R. Snee, Amazon review