Benjamin & Rumblechm is a story that will keep your children laughing, gasping and learning from the first page to the last. As Katie and Jacob travel across Canada with their two eccentric aunts in a minivan named Rumblechum, they learn about history and geography. And with them is their stuffed monkey, Benjamin.

Rumblechum transports them through Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the huge province of Ontario, and finally back to their little grey house in Edmonton, Alberta. Their dear calico cat Freedom is at the door to greet them, meowing with excitement and joy, and a mysterious parcel is opened.

This is a fictional chapter book suitable for readers between ages 3 to 6, based on true traveling experiences. Your little ones will love paging through the chapters with whimsical illustrations at the top of each chapter, and you will love sharing the magical story of Benjamin’s adventures in Rumblechum. This is a story for all ages, sharing the great country of Canada with a new generation of readers.