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Monday, July 1, 2013



Myths about Canada:

  1. Hockey is our national sport. WRONG. LACROSSE is our national sport. Nobody I know plays lacrosse or watches it, but that's the truth, eh?
  2. Saskatchewan is the capital of Canada. WRONG. Saskatchewan is a prairie province located between Alberta and Manitoba. The city of OTTAWA, in the province of ONTARIO, is the capital of Canada. Stephen Harper lives there.
  3. There are no trees or cities in Canada. WRONG. These are seriously questions I was asked on my recent holiday to Michigan by otherwise quite bright people. Softwood lumber is one of our major exports to the USA. I myself live in a city of approximately half a million people (EDMONTON, Alberta), which is the capital of the province of Alberta. I live in a highrise apartment and have never seen a polar bear.
  4. Our money looks funny. WRONG. Our bills are different colors to make it easy to differentiate them. I heard a story from a woman in the USA recently that she had mistakenly left a waitress an American $100 bill as a tip. They all look the same. The fives are a slightly different shade of blue-green in the USA. Big deal. Our money has neat pictures on it and it doesn't have the all-seeing eye...
  5. Canadians are called non-resident aliens by the American government and some Americans. I seriously read this on a US government form. I was called an alien on numerous occasions while visiting the USA with a valid and quite recent Canadian passport. I am not an alien. ET is an alien. ALIEN is an alien. I am a Canadian and proud of it and happy to be a Canadian. In my country Americans are not called aliens. Please respect that.
  • These are all myths about Canada.I'm just sorry I live in a country that is being rapidly eroded by American values and American debts.

Let's watch the fireworks on July 1 (Canada Day) and join in the celebrations. I always walk down to the Promenade a block away and watch the fireworks at eleven p.m.


  • GOOGLE has our Parliament Buildings featured. Check it out; my 5 myths are really only a fraction of the myths about Canada, but perhaps Google will straighten you out and inform the uninformed, eh? Or maybe not.

This is me at a baseball game in July 2011



  1. Fun and informative Canada facts here, Kenna. HAPPY CANADA DAY yesterday!

  2. Thank you, Judi, and Happy 4th of July to all my American friends (yes, I do have some American friends), and Judi is my personal American. I won her in a lottery, hahaha. I had to answer a math question to claim my prize, because it was a Canadian lottery. If it had been an American lottery I would have had to pay taxes but I could have had my American without answering a math question. Another difference between the two countries.