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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Imajin Books Editing the Jive Hive, The Em Dash, and other Oddities

I'm happy to say The Jive Hive is now with my publisher's editing department. I've edited it again at the request of Imajin Books. There were several technical difficulties such as punctuation (particularly the em dash). Before I asked my editor, I didn't know what an em dash was!

Did you know a double hyphen can be automatically replaced by an em dash on MS Word? I'm using Word 2003 for editing but do have Word 2007 on my computer. I got so carried away with double hyphens and extra spaces between paragraphs, this busy bee was subsequently busy trying to make it right. Tightened up the writing a bit and now can hardly wait to see what Imajin Books does to weave its magic with the rest of it.

A graphic artist will create a book cover next month (maybe) that hopefully will knock your knickers off. Look for a trailer soon, probably featuring killer bees and spaceships!

Oh, the em dash? You may also find and replace on MS Word for PCs. Enter the double hyphen and then in "replace" look under Advanced and choose Em-dash from an extensive menu. It'll look like an odd couple of codes but works when you edit the double hyphen.

Replacing it automatically is more challenging. To be covered in another post if anyone's interested.


  1. For those who don't know, an em dash is a long dash. I'm excited about The Jive Hive's progress!

  2. Yes, I didn't know what an em dash was until I asked my editor. Judi. Thanks, Judi.